Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Feelin' it again

I try not to be a vengeful person. Really, I do try. However, I am feeling that vengence is due. Our money pit is opening up again it seems. We saw our first warmish hot day last week and our upstairs turned into an oven...literally (just about). You should not live in a home and feel the need to completely avoid trurning on the AC because it costs so much. You should also not have to turn on an AC and have to wait hours for your house to cool down 1-2 degrees. Not right. At all. I am learning so much about Texas through the inabilities that our house has given us. I am not feeling thankful one bit to the previous owners for this. I wish my anger and frustration at them would go away, but every time it starts to leave something happens and it shoots right back up. They used up everything in this house and moved on....fetching top dollar for a home that was not deserving of it. I suppose it's a lesson learned for Mike and I. A long, hard, expensive lesson.

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